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We offer a range building surveying services which include commercial and industrial building surveys, residential and RICS home surveys, schedules of condition, planned maintenance programmes, landlord surveys & inspections, building condition monitoring and historic and conservation building surveys.

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Residential and RICS Home Surveys – We routinely undertake surveys of residential property and can offer the RICS home survey suite including the Home Condition Report (HCR), the HomeBuyer Report (HBR) and the RICS Building Survey. We are also able to offer bespoke survey forms and advise on the cost of remedial and improvement works. Where needed we can advise on the need for further investigation by specialist consultants on referring matters to legal advisors for clarification. Our multidisciplinary experience means that we are able to undertake surveys with a broad and detailed understanding of building pathology and construction methods including historic and modern methods of construction.

Commercial and Industrial Building Surveys – We are experienced in delivering building surveys on commercial and industrial properties and also in undertaking portfolio acquisition surveys of assets in multiple locations. We are able to work on instructions of this type nationally and have recently completed surveys as far north as Glasgow and as far south as Exeter. We have a great deal of experience in investigating building defects and wants of repair including in designing and administering repair works. We regularly work alongside specialist consultants such as structural and M&E engineers, environmental consultants and civil and public health engineers and can incorporate their recommendations into our reports as required.

Schedules of Condition – We are regularly approached by our clients who require a schedule of condition for their property. Common uses for a schedule of condition are prior to lease commencement, prior to undertaking refurbishment or repair works or prior to a project at an adjoining property being undertaken. Because of our wide range of experience, we understand that not all schedules of condition should be undertaken in the same way or to the same level of detail and we are able to advise or work with our clients to develop individual project briefs. Where possible we like to incorporate technology into our inspections and by doing this we can cost effectively supplement written schedules with photographs, technical measurements and annotated drawings.

Defect Diagnosis and Investigations – The economic and appropriate repair of buildings requires the determination of the causes and an assessment of the extent of deterioration.  In addition, consideration needs to be given as to how the deterioration affects the integrity of the building so that appropriately tailored remedial solutions are developed. We have extensive experience in assessing the causes and consequences of the deterioration of structures and fabric, as well as experience in arranging appropriate testing and the specification of cost-effective remedial options.

Stock Condition Surveys – Of particular interest to local authorities and registered providers is our residential offering. As part of this service we can undertake stock condition surveys of whole portfolios of properties or undertake sample-based surveys to satisfy funders. We can also provide advice on legislative issues such as checking properties for compliance with the decent homes standard or identifying hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

Planned Maintenance Programmes – Where a proactive approach to building management is required, we are able to undertake surveys and provide planned maintenance programmes for our clients which forecast the works likely to be required across any given timeframe. As part of these programmes we can advise on budget costs for fabric repairs and work alongside specialist consultants to provide a complete planned maintenance programme. This allows our clients to ensure that adequate sinking funds and contingencies are available for all future maintenance costs.

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Landlord Surveys and Inspections – As a landlord it is often desirable or necessary to undertake regular inspections of your tenanted property. Where these inspections are needed, we are able to provide schedules of conditions and dilapidations from which specific outcomes or negotiations can be based. We regularly advise our clients on the legislative and H&S implications of tenanted property allowing them to determine how these issues relate to repairing obligations.

Building Condition Monitoring – It is not always feasible or financially viable to undertake total repair programmes to buildings particularly where the long-term intensions for them are unclear. We are specialists in routinely monitoring the condition of buildings in these circumstances so that our clients can clearly understand the areas of risk to H&S and their operations.  Where there are any such risks, we can advise on the reactive maintenance necessary for maintaining standards.

Historic and Conservation Building Surveys – Providing building surveying advice or undertaking surveys on historic or architecturally significant properties requires a particular skill set, specialist knowledge and experience. At Brennan Associates we both enjoy and have experience in working on historic and listed buildings including working alongside conservation officers, planning advisors and specialist trades consultants. Our past projects have included undertaking surveys, planning works and advising on listed, conservation area and architecturally significant structures, we have a particular interest in early twentieth century industrial and ecclesiastical buildings.

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