RICS Building Survey & Remedial Cost Advice

  • Services: RICS Building Survey & Remedial Cost Advice
  • Sector: Residential
  • Client: Confidential (Domestic)
  • Description: Survey of semi-detached property requiring modernisation and improvements. Inspection and report undertaken within 5 days of initial enquiry.

RICS HomeBuyer Survey

  • Services: RICS HomeBuyer Survey
  • Sector: Residential
  • Client: Confidential (Domestic)
  • Description: Survey of a two bedroom flat in a mixed ownership block. We identified that the property was constructed using a timber frame which was likely to form part of a modern method of construction and potentially have insurance and fire safety implications.

Schedule of Condition & Remedial Works

  • Services: Schedule of Condition & Remedial Works
  • Sector: Ecclesiastical / Education
  • Location: London Borough of Bromley
  • Client: Fifi’s Butterfly
  • Description: Internal and external high-level inspection of a former ecclesiastic building in Bromley in order to provide a schedule of condition, marked up drawings and suggested remedial works.

Building Condition Monitoring & Minor Works / Projects

  • Services: Building Condition Monitoring & Minor Works / Projects
  • Sector: Self Storage
  • Location: Newcastle
  • Client: Safestore
  • Description: We undertook routine regular condition inspections of the Safestore Newcastle central site before its recent major refurbishment. This work involved multiple minor projects to repair and stabilise the building prior to the main works commencing.

Building Acquisition Survey Sector: Retail / Industrial

  • Services: Building Acquisition Survey
  • Sector: Retail / Industrial
  • Location: Milton Keynes
  • Client: MSSL
  • Description: We undertook an acquisition survey for our client MSSL who was looking to acquire and convert a retail warehouse near Milton Keynes. As part of our advice we provided budget figures for remedial and conversion works required.

Inspection, Design, Contract Administration, CDM Advisory & Principal Designer

  • Services: Inspection, Design, Contract Administration, CDM Advisory & Principal Designer
  • Sector: Commercial / Office / Retail
  • Location: Soho, London.
  • Client: Kitov Investments Limited
  • Description: We have recently completed an external decoration and structural repair project on an office building in Soho. The property was undertaken for our client Kitov Investments in coordination with the tenants for the building and the agents Savoy Stewart.

Building Acquisition Surveys, Schedules of Condition, Remedial Works & Tender

  • Services: Building Acquisition Surveys, Schedules of Condition, Remedial Works & Tender
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Location: UK Wide
  • Client: Confidential (Commercial)
  • Description: We advised on the acquisition of a portfolio of 12 industrial properties and then on a range of remedial works to repair and improve the properties for occupation. The instructions were undertaken in multiple phases over a one-year period.

Project Management

  • Services: Project Management
  • Sector: Self-Storage
  • Location: Manchester
  • Client: Safestore Properties
  • Description: We undertook the project management of an over-roofing scheme to one of Safestore’s facilities in Manchester. The project involved over sheeting a cement sheet roof allowing for the inclusion of new rainwater goods and the addition of insulation.

CDM Advisory & PD Advisor

  • Services: CDM Advisory & PD Advisor
  • Sector: Residential / Commercial / Industrial
  • Location: UK
  • Client: Multiple – Confidential
  • Description: We advise a number of clients and principal designers on the CDM duties across the UK on schemes of various types. Works include that on residential and commercial property and domestic and commercial clients.

Design, Project Management & Principal Designer

  • Services: Design, Project Management & Principal Designer
  • Sector: Self-Storage
  • Location: Wimbledon
  • Client: Safestore
  • Description: We inspected, designed, managed and acted as principal designer on a roof repair and rooflight safety works scheme at Safestore’s Wimbledon location. Following completion of the works dangerous rooflights were made safe and roof coverings replaced.

CDM Advisory & CDM-C

  • Services: CDM Advisory & CDM-C
  • Sector: Retail
  • Location: Muswell Hill
  • Client (CDM): John Lewis Partnership
  • Description: Under CDM 2007 our people regularly advised the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose and their design teams on the CDM regulations including acting as CDM-C. Projects typically involved Waitrose fitout and construction projects.

Party Wall, Building Owners Surveyor & Agreed Surveyor

  • Services: Party Wall, Building Owners Surveyor & Agreed Surveyor
  • Sector: Residential
  • Location: London & Essex
  • Client: Multiple
  • Description: We routinely undertake party wall surveying services as Building Owners, Adjoining Owners and Agreed Surveyors. For this scheme in North London we acted as a building owners surveyor and agreed surveyor for differing parties.

Party Wall & Negotiation of Licences

  • Services: Party Wall & Negotiation of Licences
  • Sector: Retail
  • Location: Saxmundham
  • Building Owner: John Lewis Partnership
  • Description: Our people acted as party wall surveyors and negotiated access licences with adjoining owners for enlargement works to the Waitrose store in Saxmundham. The works involved the piling of deep foundations and multiple adjoining owners including Punch Taverns.

Party Wall Advisory & Adjoining Owners Surveyor

  • Services: Party Wall Advisory & Adjoining Owners Surveyor
  • Sector: Confidential
  • Location: West End Gate, Marylebone, London
  • Client: Multiple
  • Description: We are regularly engaged by clients in an advisory capacity under the party wall act. On this scheme in Marylebone London we advised and then acted for our appointing owner at a large high-rise scheme involving a double basement and piled foundations.